Yum Num’s Galaxy

Deliciously Educational

Get your kids excited about identifying and playing with healthy ingredients you’d encounter at the grocery store. Then, feel free to peruse Captain Yum Num’s recipe computer to see how to make these family classics at home.

Like a Digital Storybook

Yum Num’s Galaxy has two modes, Simple for young kids, and Game mode for older ones. Each playthrough sees you creating one recipe, and as soon as you’re done, you can move on to the next. The seamless looping design gives kids lots to investigate and play with, and parents lots of things to point out!

Delightful for All Ages

Yum Num’s Galaxy includes silly voice-overs, quirky and cool artwork, and a great sense of humor that will entertain, delight, and teach your kids all in the context of having fun with the things you eat at home.


  • Read Captain Yum Num’s Cookbook, featuring eleven family-friendly recipes
  • Play Simple Mode at first, then Game Mode when kids want more challenge
  • A universe populated with tasty food, zany aliens, and space travel
  • Each play lasts around 3-5 minutes, and automatically loads up the next recipe
  • Gameplay and interactivity designed for all kids

By the Power of Cooking!

Captain Yum Num

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