So why is it so intense? I flinch every time my blocks are about to pass through another plane, even I’m sure they’ll be fine. This potency pays [off] when you get better, making you feel like a REAL BLOCK HERO in the later stages.

– Gizmodo, This Week’s Best iPhone Apps

It doesn’t sound like much, but everything seems to fit just right, from the classical score to the encouraging statements the computer tells you that are funny enough to make you want to read them (and get distracted enough to miss your next move).

– The Easy Mode

If you are looking for a good, simple way to waste a few minutes on your daily commute, it would be hard not to recommend Skybox.


It’s dark. You’re falling. You have a few seconds to twist and turn yourself into position. Can you make it? Now, how many can you get in a row? Sale! Now 50% off to celebrate the release of Version 1.2! Skybox is a game where you play the part of a puzzle piece pilot, trying to fly through matching holes with precision and speed. It’s such a simple concept, but it’s challenging to do and thrilling to master!


  • Infuriatingly addictive gameplay
  • Marathon and Time Trial modes
  • Offline and Online Awards and Leaderboards
  • Compete with Friends for best Streak and Time Trial records