2 Hando Commando

2 Hando Commando is a multiplayer ambidextrous shooter prototype made for the Ouya CREATE Jam and also submitted to the Experimental Gameplay Workshop! It’s a 2-player game where you control two guys independently, one with each hand. It’s just rough prototype at the moment with two levels and two four class types, but it’s still lots of fun. Here’s a quick video trailer I put together with some gameplay bits:


The way it’s set up now, each match is a 5-minute affair, where each round you get to pick two different classes to play and go to battle in split-screen mode! I have plans to add in multiplayer, but split-screen on the OUYA with 2 controllers was just too good to pass up.


2HC is a class-based shooter intended to let you pick different commandos for each hand each round. As of the new EGW build, we’re up to four classes…

  • Officer: Speedy pistoleer with fast auto-aim tracking, use your officer to execute quick flanking movements at short range.

    Rifleman: Slower auto-aim tracking and movement, but faster and more damaging projectiles in a 3-shot burst.

  • Heavy: Slow rocket launcher commando with manual aim – press fire to aim, then use the stick to pull aim left or right of current target. Release to fire. Good for splash damage.
  • Riot Shield: Slow movement and very slow aim tracking, but blocks small arms fire to the front with a large shield. Press fire to execute shield bash when close. Vulnerable against rockets.


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