ControllerEXT: Controller Extensions for NGUI

This package is submitted and currently waiting for review by Unity. Stay tuned for updates!

In my opinion, NGUI is the best 2D/3D UI package for Unity3D. Although it already has good controller support, figuring out how to make interfaces that work well with controllers can sometimes both be challenging and take a lot of manual work. That’s where ControllerEXT comes in.

I went through many iterations of controller support while developing Beast Boxing Turbo for the PC and Mac, and this package represents a huge time-saving boost to anyone trying to make games completely navigable by controller.

ControllerEXT includes example scenes showing you how to easily build:

  • Configurable per-platform hookups from controllers to NGUI (with defaults for PC/Mac XBOX 360® Controllers)
  • Scrolling, snap-to-item lists manipulated by Controller Axis or Button Presses
  • Dynamic, Skyrim-Style UI Controller Support
  • Automatic UIButtonKeys hookup for large and dynamic grids
  • Opponent Selection Screens (ala Fighting Games)
  • Cancel Key listeners on a per-panel basis, with support for overlays

The examples not only show off ControllerEXT, but also demo some of the trickier features of NGUI’s controller support. The code is well-commented, organized, and is compatible with Unity 3.5.7 and Unity 4. It’s complementary to NGUI, and designed to help save you as much time as possible in offering complete UI controller support to your players.


  • NGUI AssetStore Version 2.3.3
  • Unity 3.5.7 or 4.0

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