Dev Diary: New Gear System and Character

There’s so much new stuff in Beast Boxing Turbo that it’s hard to keep track of! But I really wanted to upload a few preview images for everyone to see the crazy stuff that we’ve been working on behind the scenes.

In Beast Boxing 3D for iOS, we added a few holiday-themed characters as rematch-only content a few months after launch. In Beast Boxing Turbo, we created yet another brand new one, and brought all three previously rematch-only characters into the story mode as a new challenge – defeating the Monks of Monstralla! The indefatigable Chrystin Garland created new character portraits for each of them, as well as develop the idea I had for a “Zombie Pig” into more of a frankensteinish-monster with a hulk voice. That’s Frankenbeans above!

The three new characters were super fun to create and write for, and make for a nice interlude between the Pro and Ultra Leagues. They also give you a chance to earn a little more money to spend on our awesome new gear system!

The gear you can buy is pretty sweet – from arm bands to shoulderpads, from armor and pants to gloves, and even fancy accessories, this gear system is mix-and-match-able, so you can buy items from any one of the 6 new sets for more than 110 thousand unique combinations! They’re being beautifully illustrated by Jason Caffoe, and I’m happy to share a sneak peek of a complete set (the Initiate’s Garb) and a beautiful icon for a wooden breastplate:

There’s a lot more too, so stay tuned! Remember to give Beast Boxing Turbo on Steam Greenlight a thumbs-up!