Beast Boxing Turbo Price Drop!

As a new indie developer, it’s getting harder and harder to just get noticed by folks online. I’ve put in lots of work to Beast Boxing Turbo, and I’m not yet satisfied with the amount of people who have gotten to play the full game.

That’s why I’ve extended the demos twice now (you can now play up to an hour), and also why Beast Boxing Turbo is now on sale for $4.99! Ultimately, the most important thing to me is that people play the game, and I think my original price may have been too high considering how many other awesome indie games are out there at sub-$10 prices.

If you bought the game at $9.99, please contact me – I’m offering a free copy of the game to anyone who previously bought it at full price, as I really do appreciate your support as an early adopter.

Buy Beast Boxing Turbo for PC/Mac here.