Beast Boxing Universal Update Released, On Sale for $0.99!

We’ve tweaked some of the graphics and effects to work better in high-resolution, fixed some bugs with Achievements and the UI, and also made the character SFX more distinct. The response to the update has been very positive, with a great article by TouchArcade yesterday summarizing the changes. We’ve also started a sale – Beast Boxing 3D is now available at $0.99 to celebrate the update, so if you haven’t bought it yet, now’s a great opportunity!

Beast Boxing Universal Update submitted!

Our FREE Universal update for Beast Boxing 3D was submitted to Apple and is now waiting for review. It looks super good, people! In this update is support for iPads and Retina displays, along with higher quality assets and lots of little tiny bits of beastly improvements sprinkled about.



Beast Boxing Review Roundup

Beast Boxing 3D is our first-person boxing game with awesome character design, fun, lightweight RPG elements, an entertaining story with a twist, and (new in 1.2!) an Endless mode to keep the challenge going! Here are some of our best reviews so far: “You’ve got an iPhone, you gotta get this…” 9.5 / 10 – Scott @ G4 TV Canada’s Reviews on the Run!

“With great use of touch controls, an amusing storyline, and wonderfully illustrated beasts, Beast Boxing 3D is a K.O.” – Macworld

“Beast Boxing 3D is exactly the kind of boxing game I’ve been waiting for. ” – TouchArcade

Buy it today on the App Store, or if you just want to try it out, play our Lite version for free!

Hardcore Mode Achievement Bug

I just learned today that there is a bug in Beast Boxing v1.2 that will prevent accurate syncing of the “Mad Skills” achievement to Game Center for winning Beast Boxing 3D on Hardcore difficulty mode. When a fix goes in, I will do my best to ensure that profiles who have this achievement locally will sync properly to Game Center without having to re-beat the game. It’s hard enough the first time! Thanks to Mark Simpson for reporting the problem.

UPDATE – This bug has been fixed! The free update is now available for download on the App Store.

Beast Boxing 3D Version 1.2 Update Released!

Beast Boxing 3D version 1.2 got released today and is On Sale for 33% off ($1.99) for the holidays! Here's a quick list of updates:

  • Brand new Endless mode improves replayability with GameCenter Leaderboards
  • Two new hilarious holiday-themed opponents available in Rematch mode, along with a new arena (see the attached screenshot). That brings the total to 11 opponents and 5 arenas!
  • More responsive and quicker controls
  • Four awesome brand new arena music tracks from Last Cannon developer Shadi Muklashy!
  • Loads of visual and performance improvements, along with some minor bugfixes The 1.2 update feels better than ever, and we hope you'll take a look and see how you like the latest additions!

Holiday Sale, and 1.2 Update Coming Soon!

Beast Boxing 3D is on sale for $1.99, or 33% off, for the holidays! It’s holiday season, and we’re celebrating and giving thanks for an awesome month and a half since we launched the game. We’ve been hard at work the entire time building more content and addressing customer feedback and suggestions for the game. Last week, I had to sneak a little time away from my beautiful honeymoon in Hawaii to get in some last-minute content and upload version 1.2 for review.


The 1.2 update has several awesome improvements in store for you Beast Boxers out there. First off, to give people some more stuff to do aside from the story mode, there’s a new Endless mode. We added two holiday-themed beastly fighters and a brand new fighting arena that will be available in Rematch mode and Endless mode. We tightened up the responsiveness of the controls – it doesn’t read your mind yet, but it does improve on the speed you’re able to chain attacks and blocks together, and it feels great! Oh, and we’ve got four brand new music tracks from multi-talented developer Shadi Muklashy! The update’s in review now and should be available as a free update in a matter of days. We can’t wait to share it with you!

Beast Boxing 3D Version 1.1 is out!

Apple just approved our first update to Beast Boxing 3D this morning. Here’s what’s Included:

  • Improved performance
  • Reduced memory footprint that should help address some of the crash issues that users have been reporting
  • Streamlined savegame UI
  • Fixed tap-to-select problems on scrolling menus.
  • A new icon!

Beast Boxing 3D\’s new logo!

Download it and enjoy! Next up is a new character and also the first challenge mode for players who finish the career story…