Closing down

Sad news, beast boxers: Goodhustle Studios, Inc. will be closing down this year. Beast Boxing Turbo was be removed for sale through Steam on March 29th, 2019, and I will no longer be able to provide support for our titles after that time. I haven’t had to answer many support questions in the last few years, so hopefully all of the common bugs have been sorted out by now.

If you have previously bought or redeemed the game on Steam, you should continue to be able to continue to access the game. The Steam version’s leaderboards for Endless mode should also continue to work.

It’s been great to see people discover this game and enjoy it over the years, even as I’ve stepped away from game development to focus on family and work outside the games industry. To all the fans: thank you for your support and enthusiasm over the years! I’ve been glad to see you enjoy the work that went into making this game.