Rocket Launcher & Control Improvements – 2 Hando Commando Devlog

Rocket Launchin’ Heavy!

This is something I originally wanted to get into the prototype before submitting it, but just ran out of time to create. This is the temporarily-named “Heavy”, a slowpoke with a manually-aimed rocket launcher.

The big departure from auto-aiming is pretty interesting, and I haven’t yet figured out how to make it so that splash damage doesn’t hit enemies out of LOS.

Since posting this video, I’ve also gotten a riot-shield style character with a shield bash. The way I’ve been setting up things, I may end up splitting character customization even further into base character, weapon, and accessories/addons. Everything’s just modeled on basic weapon selections at the moment, which is where most of the variation comes from.


On another note, I’ve been pretty new at using the Unity-provided character controllers to handle movement for the commandos in the game. I wasn’t too happy with the way that movement felt laggy, and part of it was honestly that the SDK wasn’t taking a very performant approach to sending controller input to Unity.

However, in the past few days I’ve been able to make leaps and strides by both rewriting my input abstraction layer to communicate faster and also changing up the character movement to be more immediate, with a lack of inertia that feels much better for a top-down game like 2HC.

Playable Demo?

My next milestone is going to be playable online multiplayer through a web browser, because the next thing for me to do is to start playtesting with a small group of people. So far, this is splitscreen only and is more of a proof of concept than anything. I’ve got some server-side infrastructure to build up before that point, but if you’re interested in trying it out, please contact me and let me know!

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