What is 2 Hando Commando?

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Ambidextrous activities, like playing piano and drums, require that you develop the ability to use both of your hands at the same time to do different things. My newest game prototype, 2 Hando Commando, does precisely that in the guise of a multiplayer top-down shooter.

You control a commando on the left with your left hand, and a commando on the right with your right hand. 


How to Play

At first, this is an absolute brain-bender of a control setup. I found out as much when I mocked up a very simple control prototype and moved two guys around a small map with a few obstacles. At first you think, OK, this is going to be way too tough to play.

Add in another human to play against, and that’s where the fun begins. It’s like watching drunk newbies play Halo, except you’re watching yourself, or rather, your two selves try desperately to coordinate their moves against an opponent that is also running hopelessly into walls. It’s hilarious at first – but then, if you’re like me, there’s something in the back of your mind that compels you to try again. If only you had slightly better control, you’d definitely have won that round!

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 4.42.05 PM

God forbid you get your characters crossed over – try explaining that to your brain!

The reason I’m really interested in the depth of this prototype is that your brain and muscle memory eventually do adapt! In my case, my mind started basically separating the movements of my characters into something akin to “rhythm” and “melody” – that is, I would keep close track of one character advancing through cover, while the other hand would pop out and give cover fire with a fixed back-and-forth strafing pattern while holding down the fire button.

I’m very interested in seeing what kind of weird proficiencies and strategies develop in this game. I’ve known gamers long enough to know that they’ll get good at some ridiculously difficult things in the name of competitiveness, and the multiplayer design of 2 Hando Commando makes it perfect for competitive masochists just like me. 🙂

Some More Game Details

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 4.38.19 PM

Of course I’m an excellent texture artist.

Controls are limited currently to movement, firing your weapon, and changing your character’s target (characters auto-target, but rotate/track at different speeds). There are two classes of characters in the prototype – an agile mover with a single-shot pistol, and a slower mover with a 3-shot burst and higher damage.

Clearly the art is 100% programmer-made, so I’ve got my eyes open for a good artist and perhaps a sound person to collaborate with on this game. If you think you’ve got the skills to handle it, shoot me an email!

My plans are to flesh out a few more special character classes, get in a couple of maps, and also see if I can put together a webplayer or downloadable build and get people online and 2 Hando Commando’ing right away. Right now the OUYA Create entry is split-screen 2-player, but I’m definitely planning for online multiplayer as well.

I’m also open to feedback – feel free to post in my new forums, which are totally sparse and could use the activity. 🙂 If you register and don’t get confirmed, email me and I’ll clear it up.

Entry Trailer:

OUYA + Beast Boxing Turbo Pre-Release Demo!

I’ve been making a lot of progress on the OUYA Beast Boxing Turbo front lately! Getting controllers working at high speed meant diving deep into the alpha OUYA SDK, but it’s finally working and the game is a blast.

I decided to go ahead and publish a fully-featured 3-opponent demo for other developers to play with so that I could ensure that my code worked for a variety of controllers and devkits. It’s completely playable, optimized for the OUYA controller, and simply is limited by the content available. Here’s a video of me trying it out:

If you’re another developer, feel free to give it a shot! I posted developer information and a download link at the official OUYA forums (http://forums.ouya.tv/discussion/289/beast-boxing-turbo-pre-release-demo-apk-for-ouya).

Beast Boxing Turbo Price Drop!

As a new indie developer, it’s getting harder and harder to just get noticed by folks online. I’ve put in lots of work to Beast Boxing Turbo, and I’m not yet satisfied with the amount of people who have gotten to play the full game.

That’s why I’ve extended the demos twice now (you can now play up to an hour), and also why Beast Boxing Turbo is now on sale for $4.99! Ultimately, the most important thing to me is that people play the game, and I think my original price may have been too high considering how many other awesome indie games are out there at sub-$10 prices.

If you bought the game at $9.99, please contact me – I’m offering a free copy of the game to anyone who previously bought it at full price, as I really do appreciate your support as an early adopter.

Buy Beast Boxing Turbo for PC/Mac here.