Beast Boxing Turbo is up on Steam Greenlight!

If you’re on Steam and would like to see Beast Boxing Turbo there, please head on over to our Steam Greenlight page to vote for us!

Beast Boxing Turbo page on Greenlight

Greenlight is Valve’s way of crowdsourcing interest in upcoming games submitted by independent developers and others. They’ll be looking at the aggregate ratings for a game to determine whether to let the games sell on their service, and it just opened to the public yesterday. It seems like it’s a great way for indies to test the waters and see if the Steam market is accepting of their game concepts, even before launch. I can see it being very possible to develop some game test screenshots and description and figure out whether there’s community support, way before even starting development of a game. Beast Boxing Turbo is pretty far along, so there won’t be too many changes, but it’s very interesting hearing the feedback (both positive and negative) to the limited number of screenshots that I posted yesterday. I’m excited about working on a quick gameplay vid today to give the audience there an idea of what it’s like to play!

P.S. I’m also excited to report that I’ve been secretly at work adding in a customizable gear system with Jason Caffoe, and the concept art for it is badass! It’ll be a fun way to do more stuff and build up your character in the way that you want. Can’t wait to post more info!