Beast Boxing – Bush League Character Bios

Bush League. It’s where all Beast Boxers have to prove themselves before moving up to the Pro Leagues, and it’s always a trial by fire. Getting your bearings can be tough, so let’s give you an advantage by scouting your opposition!

Piglas, owner of Piglas’ Gym

Piglas is a washed-up ex-pro boxer who runs a the boxing gym in the slums. He’s got a reputation for being cynical but kind. Rumor has it that he was once the Pro League champ, but suffered devastating injuries when he fought in the Ultra League and hasn’t been the same since. He now coaches aspiring fighters in the slums, but doesn’t have much hope for finding young talent in a place like that…

Polyp, the Nerdy Snake

Polyp is a rising up-and-comer in the Beast Boxing Bush League. He comes from a wealthy family, and can afford the training fees at the most famous boxing school of all, Kamander’s Dojo Express. Unfortunately, that doesn’t translate to much talent. Still, he’s managed to hold his own while his skills improve, and his endless self-promotion on the Internet has earned him lots of fans.

Steve, the Fitness Skeleton

Steve, the Bush League Champion, seems to have kept his thin figure for longer than most beasts can remember. His dedication to fitness is bar none, and it gives him the ability to rise up from near defeat at times to deliver knockout blows. Unfortunately, his flamboyance can be a liability when he faces more focused boxers, as he tends to telegraph his flashier moves far in advance.

Your Pretty Convincing Beast Costume

And then there’s you. Humans in Beasthalla have never really had their place in society. You’ve been considered a weakling your whole life, and had to fight daily in the slums to survive. Your heroes are the amazing Beast Boxing champions that do the same, and your nightly dreams are always crushed when you wake up as a human in a beastly world. That is, until you somehow managed to find this sturdy beast costume. This might be your only chance at a better life… it’s time to see what you’re made of!

Here we go!