Kamander! The Champ of the Pro Leagues

The character designs we’re working on are probably the best part of Beast Boxing! This is Kamander, a cyclops snake with a bad attitude and a strong Internet fan base in the fantasy land of Beasthalla. Here’s a quick quote from my story document to feast on:

Kamander rose through the ranks of beast boxers, defeating all comers in the Pro League even though suffers from no depth perception. His strong defense and devastating hook combos have very few weaknesses, and his fan club is rabid and devoted.

Kamander was a really fun character to set up. He’s the second time in the game you encounter a snake-style character, and he’s set up to be very quick and powerful, requiring a good base of upgrades to take him on successfully. Since the last time I intro’ed a character, some people wanted to see more gameplay, I’m happy to show off this new video highlighting a full, if lopsided, round fighting Kamander.

This promo shows off some of the polish we’ve been adding into the game over the last month and a half since the last video. The most fun addition was definitely adding in a powerup that activates when you land 5 consecutive hits – you’re on fire! We’ve been psyched about the new NBA Jam trailers coming out and it reminded us that our game feels a lot like the NBA Jam of iPhone boxing games!

We certainly know and admire about all the ultra-realistic, simulation-oriented fighting games that have come out, but we’re more interested in providing a quick-paced, super fun and awesome-looking fighting game instead. Hope you enjoy the video, and sign up for our mailing list on http://www.beastboxing.com to get notified when it’s ready!