Beast Boxing 3D, Coming Soon!

Announcing the new promo site at with a few goodies!

We’re in production mode on the prototype formerly known as Monster Boxing, and it’s shaping up to be a really fun game! As we get through more and more polish, we’ll be posting all sorts of stuff to the new promo site, and talking about our development process.

The first character up for this treatment is Piglas Porkopoulous. In Beast Boxing, he’s your first opponent and also doubles as your training coach once you beat him. If you visit the promo site, you can check out a short gameplay teaser with him, sign up for updates about the game, and see a couple new screenshots of the game in its work in progress state.

As you can see in the video, the game offers easy to learn and straightforward boxing controls with quick jabs, heavy hooks and uppercuts, as well as dodging left and right across the stage and blocking, all implemented with the iPhone’s multitouch and accelerometer controls. We’re seeing solid 30+ fps on the iPhone 3GS right now, and expect it to get better as we get closer to launch and do more optimization work. There’s also a unique mechanic of picking up coins that the crowd throws at you when you’re fighting with gusto. Pick as many of them up as you can, and spend them later on training and special powers!

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  1. I just found this today, and I’m pretty psyched for it. It’d be amazing if there were also fantasy boxers, like say, a gryphon or a dragon boxer. But yeah, thanks and here’s to a speedy release!

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